What Do. . . .
Investing Success
Share In Common?
You've Heard Rumors They Exist--But Few Have Actually Seen Them....Here's WHY!



Hey gang,

     Ever thought your chances of spotting Elvis at a Jackson 5 concert might be better than your chances of making a ton of cash in the lucrative world of real estate investing.

     Sure up until recently you could have used money as your rationalization (rationing lies) "I just don't have money to get started", which used to carry some truth...NOT ANYMORE.

Or maybe you're a "If it weren't for bad credit, you'd have no credit at all" type of person.   Here's the thing BAD CREDIT HAPPENS TO GOOD PEOPLE.   Get over it.  With the new investing tactics I'd like to teach you, credit isn't even an issue.  So you're going to have to hang up that excuse as well.

     Lastly, maybe your one of the scared $hitless of risk people...This is one that I understand all too well.   I spent the better half of my post high school years "Getting ready to get ready", "Preparing to prepare"....There's NO PROFIT IT PARALYSIS

     That's what's so cool about what I'm about to share with you because you....

      Sorry if this offends you, but my philosophy is this: 

     "I'd rather offend you and make you money"
  than "Be your friend and leave you broke"...Are you with me?  

     If you want someone to blow smoke up your backside and tell you "IT'S OK, I KNOW IT'S JUST HARD OUT THERE" then go talk to anyone of the 93% of Americans who will will be relying on the Government programs to help them live out there "Golden years" in poverty... Sorry but where's the "Gold" in those years?

     However, if you're one of the FEW who:
  • Take Action NOT Handouts

  • Dig for Solutions NOT Excuses

  • Choose Devouring over Denying

  • Want Truth NOT Pity

  • Realize that GOD put you here ON PURPOSE...FOR A PURPOSE. And, GOD doesn't make mistakes. As a child of GOD you've got GOD running through your veins and no person or circumstance in the world can take that away...

If you're one of these people, then stick around because we gotta talk.

To Your Continued Success,

Eric Medemar